Santa Cruz Bullit 3 MX CC R

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Santa Cruz Bullit 3 MX CC R

The second E-MTB of the Californians from Santa Cruz is called Bullit and delivers absolute top performance – uphill as well as downhill. High-end carbon frame with “mixed” wheel sizes (front 29″, rear 27.5″), 170 mm travel, plus the new Shimano EP8 motor with large 630 Wh battery: these are the ingredients for lots of fun on demanding trails.

The Santa Cruz Bullit 3 CC MX R in detail

The Bullit is designed for tackling the steepest and deepest of trails in both directions. Imagine the kinds of rooty, rocky, horror fests usually reserved for our biggest hitting bikes like the Nomad and Megatower. Then imagine what lies beyond that.

Where the Heckler’s priority is agility and playful handling, the Bullit takes a more no limits approach. 170mm travel, a RockShox fork and DoubleDown tires reflect the smashability of this platform. This is a bike for riders who seek V10 level terrain that’s out of range of any chairlift or shuttle road.

It was actually the Santa Cruz Syndicate team’s success on their mixed wheel DH race bikes that made us consider the same format for the Bullit. We learned from them that mixed wheels provide the confidence at speed of a 29er with the more spritely handling characteristics and maneuverability of a 27.5-inch rear wheel. And for an e-bike, it also means we can dictate exactly how long (or short) we want to make the chainstays to balance climbing traction and handling. The added butt clearance on super steep stuff is just another bonus.

The biggest trails take a bigger commitment to reach them. Thankfully Shimano’s commitment to the STEPS EP8 motor means we have a lighter, more powerful (85nm), more compact and more efficient way of reaching them. The EP8 is also tuned to give more power in Trail mode without affecting range. So paired with Shimano’s biggest 630wh battery it ensures the Bullit is fully equipped for long, tough climbs to the longest, toughest descents.

Santa Cruz CC Carbon Frame
The full CC carbon frame of Bullit (front and rear triangle) and battery cover is lightweight and bombproof; the geometry is perfect for all-round modern trail riding; and the 150mm-travel lower-link VPP design is the most refined suspension design on any e-MTB.

Santa Cruz don’t just use carbon to build bikes because it looks cool and everyone is doing it. They pioneer advanced materials and production methods to build the most durable and high-performance bicycles because it’s the way to ensure that riders can just enjoy riding their bike. Their experience with carbon production allows them to build bikes that are extremely reliable.

They design, test and prototype their carbon technology in Santa Cruz, CA. The Santa Cruz carbon lab gives them the capacity to research carbon layup optimization that they can apply to their production frames, and research and test new manufacturing processes and techniques. Their production bikes are strong as hell, and they feel they have a good handle on their toolbox of materials, but having the carbon facility in the same building as the engineers allows them to push their understanding forward, and take advantage of emerging materials technology.

The Santa Cruz frames are manufactured in their exclusive factory (Skybox). They founded this manufacturing facility themselves because they wanted to be able to control how their designs were produced, to ensure quality control, and to make sure the advancements their design remain proprietary to them (they’re not being selfish, it just sucks when someone peers over your shoulder to get the answer you’ve worked hard to figure out). What’s more, if something needs improving, they have the capacity and capability to change it, before it gets into your hands.

Shimano STEPS EP8
The new Shimano STEPS EP8 motor is lighter (2.6kg – 310g saving over the previous model), more powerful (85Nm) and more efficient than ever (36% less friction). The algorithm of Trail mode has been tuned to allow all 85Nm of power to be harnessed when needed but to not deplete the battery any faster. The motor is very quiet now, reduced to just a whisper of a whir so you can just focus on the sound of rubber on dirt. And it’s much smaller in volume so you get more clearance when challenging yourself to making it up and over obstacles that now seem fun to try with the addition of some motor assist.

630wh Removable Battery
Pairing the added motor capacity with a larger 630Wh Shimano battery ensures the Bullit will take you to the drop in. The battery is fully removable/replaceable using just a keyless 4mm hex latch.

170mm Travel / VPP
The 170mm travel lower-link VPP design marries the needs for downhill kicks with efficient pedalling prowess. We tuned it to have lower anti-squat (to sag) than our regular pedal bikes to allow you to keep pedaling (while seated) where normally you’d start standing. The more active suspension while pedaling creates better traction on technical climbs. But once you start mobbing down the trail the lower-link VPP system provides more mid-stroke and bottom out support than most other designs.

Mixed Wheel
The mixed wheel is also known as ‘mullet’. This is when a 29-inch wheel is used for the front wheel and a 27.5-inch is used on the rear. The leading 29-inch wheel creates a large contact patch that generates a lot of traction and lowers the rollover resistance. While the smaller diameter rear wheel gives more butt clearance (a factor for some shorter limbed riders) and creates a quicker handling bike. The result is a bike that still feels composed like a 29er but requires less input energy to lean the bike over or place the rear wheel where necessary.

Smart Spec
The Shimano STEPS system is also devoid of any large, clumsy displays that are impractical in real mountain biking situations. Moreso, there’s less to go wrong or break in case of an tumble. We used Shimano’s two compact E-8000 (color) and E-7000 (B&W) displays paired with a E-7000 mode switch to create a simple integrated cockpit. The switch is unobtrusive, intuitive and has the best dropper lever compatibility. The Shimano STEPS app can be connected via Bluetooth or plug-in to adjust the power settings of the drive unit. It also allows for powerful management of the assist levels of the three support levels (two preset and one custom mode) of the Eco, Trail and Boost modes. It also provides diagnostic capabilities to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

Performance, Reliability, Fully Supported
These are three traits our bikes are legendary for, so when we build a complete bike we always pair our frames with components that are regarded similarly. For the all-important drive unit, we used entirely Shimano STEPS components – battery, charge port, power button, mode switches. This means all parts, service, and warranty is available through Shimano and Santa Cruz. Shimano stock e-parts through distributors and retailers the world over, the Shimano E-Tube app can troubleshoot any issues, and there’s already robust retailer training through S-Tec, consumer websites, and a network of technical product support teams. The Shimano motor and battery, as well as the whole parts spec, were carefully chosen for performance, reliability, and support.

Universal Derailleur Hanger
The only derailleur hanger you’ll ever need. The UDH is tidy, robust and is truly universal so you (or your riding buddy) won’t be stuck looking for that proprietary hanger anymore.

Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheels
Whether it’s a sunset lap with friends or a race run against the clock, a broken wheel ruins any ride. Santa Cruz set strength and impact resistance as their highest priority, but strength doesn’t have to mean uncomfortably stiff. Their wheels are compliant enough to avoid that harsh “wooden” ride that gives some carbon rims a bad name offroad. They only make offroad bikes at Santa Cruz, so they have the privilege of being able to focus purely on the mountain bike experience. Everything from the thickness of rim beads to external spoke hole reinforcements comes purely from their experience of knowing what riders need at every level—from international racing to your local trails.


Frame: Carbon CC
Frame material: Carbon
Wheel size: 29″ / 27.5″
Colour: Hunter Green
Fork: RS 23 Zeb 170 29 110×15 (ND)
Rear Shock: RS 23 SDS Blt3 230×62.7
Travel: 170mm / 170mm
Brakes: SRAM G2 RE L|F 20P 850 Metal BLK MM
Brake discs: Avid Centerline Rotor 220mm
Headset: Cane Creek 10 IS Integrated Headset (38)
Stem: e13 TRS Base 35x40mm Stem (40)
Handlebar: e13 TRS Base Bar, 35×800, 35mm Rise
Bar grips: SCB OE House 32mm Grip BLK
Saddle: WTB Silverado Medium CroMo
Seatpost: SDG Tellis Dropper 31.6 170mm, MM
Crankset: Shimano Crank Arm FC-EM600 165mm
Rear derailleur: SRAM NX Eagle 1x12spd RD
Gear shifters: SRAM NX Eagle Single Click Trigger MM
Chain guide: E13 E-Spec+ AL Chainguide Shimano 34-38t
Cassette: SRAM Eagle PG 1230, 11-50t
Chain: SRAM NX Eagle Chain PL 118 Links 12s
Front tyre: Maxxis Assegai 29×2.5 3C MG DD TR YLW
Rear tyre: Maxxis Minion DHRII 27.5×2.4 DD MT YLW
Front hub: SRAM MTH 716 110 TC Front 32h
Rear hub: SRAM MTH 746 148 HG Rear 32H BLK
Rims: WTB ST i30 TCS 2.0 29″ Rim (Front) / WTB ST i30 TCS 2.0 27.5″ Rim (Rear)
Battery: Shimano Integ. Battery BT-E8036 630Wh
Charger: Shimano Battery Charger EC-E8004 USA/CA
Engine: Shimano Drive Unit DU-EP800
Pedals: not included
Maximum total weight allowed: 155 kg (body weight + bike + equipment)

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Duke Blue, Hunter Green