Orbea GAIN M31e 1X – Rival AXS XPLR Electric Gravel Bike – 2024 – Tanzanite Carbon (matt) – Carbon (gloss)


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Enhance your ride

The Gain has been designed to make your ride more relaxed and therefore more enjoyable. Following the “Enough Power” concept, Orbea has developed an exceptionally light, sporty and agile bike to help you master all the challenges of the road.

The Gain recognises your effort and supports your ambition as you chew up the miles. The system interfaces are modern and intuitive. All distracting elements have been reduced to a minimum, leaving you with a unique riding experience that you can enjoy intensively with the Gain.

Highlights of the Orbea Gain M31e 1X gravel e-bike

  • Heart and soul of the bike is a lightweight frame and fork made of OMR Carbon
  • Intelligent Mahle X20 rear hub motor
  • Shifting is done electronically via 1×12 gears with SRAM Rival XPLR AXS
  • Hydraulic SRAM Rival disc brakes
  • Pirelli Tires with superior puncture protection
  • Fully integrated cable routing

Technologies of the Orbea Gain M31e road e-bike

  • OMR – Orbea Monocoque Carbon – OMR frames combine high-modulus and high-strength carbon fibers with a standard layup to optimize the stiffness-to-weight ratio. The use of the so-called bladder molding process with EPS molds and polyurethane (PU) inserts on the head tube and bottom bracket avoids wrinkles and bumps in critical areas of the frame. At the same time, carbon can be saved without compromising the strength of the frame.
  • Orbea Long-distance geometry – In contrast to the racing geometry, which is particularly drilled for wind cutting, this is a bike that can be ridden in a more relaxed manner and thus increases endurance. Nevertheless, the bike can be controlled precisely and intuitively. The angles and dimensions have been carefully adjusted for the different sizes available to maximize riding comfort. Because more comfort means longer tours.
  • ICR Plus Integration – Whether mechanical or electronic shifting, all cables, cables and wires run invisibly under the stem along through the head tube into the frame. And all without additional friction or unpleasant rattling.
  • Integrated seatpost clamp – Beautifully integrated into the frame, the clamping device for the seatpost makes not only visually a really good figure, it also improves the aerodynamics.
  • Integrated cover – The Gain has only one external cable connection to allow the removal of the rear wheel. The cable runs tightly under the chainstay and hides behind an inconspicuous integrated protective cover. Access to the battery socket under the bottom bracket is also virtually invisible and the trim on the stem ensures a seamless transition to the top tube.
  • Mahle X20 – The heart of the Gain is the rear hub motor. The sophisticated drive system provides reliable, smooth motor assistance at levels designed to make your ride easier, but not to define it. And because the motor is located directly on the rear hub, you can pedal when the motor is not in use without feeling like you’re being dragged along. The Gain features a sophisticated torque simulation algorithm to best support the power applied to the pedal. In other words, this bike supports you exactly when you need it – and saves energy for it, when you pedal anyway without much effort.
  • iX350 / 353 Wh Integrated Battery – The battery is one of the most noticeable parts of an e-bike system, which is why Orbea has done everything it can to make it as small, light and discreet as possible. The battery elegantly disappears into the frame.
  • Range Extender Compatible – You have the option of attaching an optional external auxiliary battery that conveniently fits into the Gain’s bottle cage when needed, giving the bike even more range.
  • Mahle Pulsar One Display – The Gain’s control center consists of a sleek and discreet button on the top tube and a bike computer installed on the stem. The simple interface allows you to turn the system on or off, check the level of motor assistance, and view the remaining battery charge.
  • Charging Port – The Gain comes without many cables, ports and accessories. The controller area network (CAN) bus port is a single contact needed for charging, system diagnostics or attaching the range extender.
  • Pas Sensor – Gain’s balanced, smooth motor assist requires a sophisticated sensor. Hidden inside the cassette’s termination ring is a pedal sensor (PAS). It measures how much power you bring to the pedal and adjusts the supplied motor power accordingly.

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